Support Services

Official Services

In order to facilitate and accelerate the process of administrative processes of the established technology units, the park provides administrative services such as:
-    Provide financial support for the purchase of office equipment
-    High speed internet access
-    office automation access
-    Use of meeting rooms
-    Access fax, copy and post
-    welfare Services
-    Utilization of water, electricity and gas, support services and maintenance of installation systems

Information and Advertising Services

-    Provide financial support for purchase of advertising services (such as Designing and supporting of the company's website and various electronic media, preparing a business card, Company’s catalogs and brochures, Obtaining and printing advertising billboards)
-    Unveiling the products of technology units
-    Issuance of technology unit license according to the relevant instructions
-    Issuance of various letters of introduction for technology units
-    Introducing the products and services of technology units in the park website and other information portals
-    Holding synergistic and transferring experience meetings
-    Introducing the product or service of technology units in the park booklet

Exhibition Services

-    Provide financial support for technology units to visit specialized domestic and international exhibitions
-    Providing financial support for presence of the technology units in specialized domestic and international exhibitions
-    Introducing products of technology units in exhibitions in which the park participates