At Persian Gulf Biotechnology Park; The Biotechnology Incubator has been established and expanded to commercialize research achievements, create employment for university graduates in the region, develop small and medium-sized businesses based on knowledge, facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology from university centers to other community centers, and meet the needs of regional industries.

Vision and Mission

  • Creating a suitable environment for supporting the development of start-ups and new ideas.
  • Organize research and development facilities to create a link between the resources and skills of universities and research and industrial centers
  • Providing educational and consulting services
  • Holding scientific events, seminars and meetings to create interaction and synergy between the components that play a role in the innovation ecosystem of Qeshm Island
  • Identify the research priorities of executive organizations and industrial centers and transfer them to technology units
  • Replacing a resource-based economy with a knowledge-based technology and generating wealth from science


  • Technology transfer, absorption and localization
  • Modernization of existing industries and reduction of technology gap with industrialized countries to increase export capacity and competition in international markets
  • Supporting entrepreneurs and researchers to form Core technologies
  • Laying the groundwork for the commercialization of research achievements
  • Expansion and development of units and small to medium enterprises
  • Cooperation with technology units for marketing and sales of products
  • Creating job opportunities for entrepreneurs and university graduates
  • Establishment of core technologies and research groups to implement research projects of executive organizations and industrial centers


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