Message of President

Thank God for the success of serving the honorable people and worthy and wise youth of Qeshm Island.
Science and Technology Park as one of the effective social institutions in development of technology and consequently development of knowledge-based economy and specialized employment is the link between research centers and entrepreneurship, which has attracted the attention of many countries.
The diversity of science and technology parks is one of the main attractions that the audience is looking for. These attractions sometimes manifest themselves in facilities, sometimes in support, and sometimes in the specialization of activities.
Persian Gulf Biotechnology Park (Qeshm), in addition to being a specialized attraction, There are other opportunities that have made many enthusiasts see Qeshm as a better opportunity for their activities, and in this way they have surpassed others and commercialized their ideas.
The nature of Qeshm and the surrounding sea have many unknown biological species and can provide an exceptional opportunity for technologists.
So far, successful companies on the island have produced products using the capacity of the sea, which has led to customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage in trade.
Therefore, Qeshm has a lot of potential for activities and will always be warmly welcomed by the owners of ideas, especially in the field of biotechnology.