Absorption and Reception Guideline

Benefits of membership in incubator

• Providing educational services, holding seminars and workshops needed in order to create and shape the business environment
• Business consultations (including managerial, financial, commercial, legal, commercialization, investment, basic knowledge licensing, intellectual property services and other consultations required by companies)
• Providing office and workshop space
• Introduction letter to register the company and obtain permits
• Using brokerage services for company registration and obtaining permits
• Marketing and attending exhibitions and festivals
• Providing laboratory and workshop services
• Providing financial support and low interest loans
• Identifying and introducing financial resources and private investors
• Information service of the country's innovation ecosystem
• Use of Bio Technology Park brand
• Introducing capabilities of established companies to organizations and executive organs
• Possibility of using conference rooms, amphitheater hall, audiovisual equipment
• Networking among established units
• Issuing technology license