Technology Services

Empowerment services

Services that are provided to enhance Promotion of technology companies in order to increase their ability to commercialize their product which Includes training, consulting, mentoring and laboratory services.
Every Year, The Park in accordance with the needs of the established technology units and in order to improve qualitative and quantitative situation and improve scientific and technical level of employees of companies, undertake training courses. These training courses can be in the field of business and in the specialized field of company activity.

Consultation: Includes Providing consulting services or supporting technology unit to obtain consulting in the public and managerial fields, Commercialization and business as well as technical and specialized activities of the company.

Leadership: Leading or mentoring is a professional relationship in which an experienced and knowledgeable person (mentor) is placed next to another person to improve their skills and knowledge in a particular profession. A mentor is someone who has experience in a specialized field and can help another person who has less experience in the same field.

Laboratory and workshop services


The purpose of commercialization is to prepare the idea and plan for entering the market, In this regard the park in order to prepare its product to enter the market, it supports the following services for technology unit.

  • National and International Intellectual Property Services
  • Obtaining permits, standards and National and international scientific approvals
  • Technology evaluation
  • Pricing of a product or service
  • Branding


Marketing and sales is a special matter, in this regard, the park supports the following services by the technology unit in order to support and accelerate growing process of technology units and make it as easy as possible to reach the target market.
  • Finding project and Supporting proposal preparation to attract a project or tender
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing investigation
  • Competitors analysis
  • Sale
  • Technology transfer services
  • Investment
  • Participate in technology tours
  • Export of product or service