Absorption and Reception Guideline

The main stages of admission to Qeshm Persian Gulf Biotechnology Park include three stages:
 pre-growth, growth and post-growth

Absorption and reception in pre- growth stage

Innovative and technological units that have not yet registered their company and intend to start a business centered on a marketable idea or commercialization of academic research, can be accepted in this course.
Registration and implementation of the central idea, completion of the work team and required manpower, legal registration of the company and preparation of the business plan are among the goals of this six-month course, which can be extended up to nine months.

Absorption and reception in growth stage

The growth stage is the period during which a start-up technology company with a suitable core idea and relying on technology becomes an active and economically successful company. All pre-growth technology units must have reached the minimum requirements set in the admission committee meeting at the time of applying for admission to the growth period. The growth period is three years and can be extended up to five years.

Absorption and reception in post -growth stage

Applicants for establishment in the park as post-growth companies mainly include small and medium technology and knowledge-based companies, research and development units and research centers.
The fields of activity of applicants for admission can be applied - developmental research (R&D), engineering design, reverse engineering, optimization and quantitative - qualitative product growth, technology development and transfer, and providing specialized services.
Companies based in technology incubators can continue their activities in post-growth stage when growth period ends. To evaluate these companies for admission to post-growth period, the sum of points of last two evaluation periods of the growth period (second and third year) is criterion and there is no need to re-evaluate. For companies that apply from outside the Incubator for admission to post-growth period, they must have a grown institution with at least 3 years of work experience. It needs a little land, and does not have mass production (according to park experts), has a written and specific plan for the development of activities.

Steps and process of admission in Persian Gulf Biotechnology Park

• interview with applicant
• Completing the admission application worksheet and providing the required documents
• Technical and economic evaluation of the idea/plan in arbitration committee meeting
• Examining and making decisions in the Technology Council (for growth and post-growth stage)
• Making contract