About the Science Park

Persian Gulf Biotechnology Park, as an institution under the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, started its activities in June 2008 with the aim of developing innovative businesses on Qeshm Island. The initial area considered for this park is 150 hectares, which has a geographical location and unique features and has provided a completely suitable environment for technological activities of researchers and scholars. 
Due to its geographical location and special regional conditions, this park is the largest and most prestigious science and technology park in the field of biotechnology in the country.
The main priorities of the Persian Gulf Biotechnology Park are defined based on regional advantages and defined for development and commercialization of biotechnologies (with emphasis on Marine development); These priorities are:
-    Biotechnology (marine, food, pharmaceutical and agricultural) and related industries and services
-    Aquaculture
-    Water and environment
-    Agriculture of salt water and tropical plants
-    renewable energy
-    Nano technology
The main objectives of setting up this specialized park are as follows:
-    Development of knowledge-based economy and specialized employment
-    Increasing wealth in society by commercializing research results and realizing the relationship between research, production and service sectors of society
-    Increasing the competitiveness and growth of knowledge-based companies
-    Helping to attract technical knowledge and domestic and international capital
-    Increasing the presence and specialized participation of domestic technology companies at the international level
-    Supporting the creation and development of small and medium technology companies and supporting innovative research and engineering institutions and companies with the aim of developing technology and entrepreneurship