Persian Gulf Biotechnology Park(PGBP):

 Park is located in 15 kilometers of south coastal road of Qeshm island. The park is considered a primary area of 380 hectares has started its official activities since 2008and continued its activities in line with the objectives and legal duties in the Statute and according to approved plan.

 Creation of the park was began after submitting the report to the presence of the Supreme Leader and his grace and then many efforts was done for fulfilment of Supreme leader decree.

This is an attempt to cause biotechnology park as an effective social institution involved in the development of high-throughput technology and competitiveness at the regional countries,The Park in the event of  developing  knowledge-based economy and producing wealth of knowledge and supporting knowledge-based companies and Job creation in the region and Enjoying the Persian Gulf Biotechnology Research Center experiences and according to the approval of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology has started it's activities and It's objectives are as follows:

knowledge-based economy development and professional job creation.

Increasing wealth in society through the commercialization of research results and the realization of correlation among research, manufacturing and service sectors in Community.

Increasing the competitiveness and growth of knowledge-based companies

Helping to attract technical knowledge, domestic and international investments.

Increasing the appearance and specialized participation of domestic technology companies at the international level.

Supporting the creation and development of Technology SMEs and supporting institutions ans Innovative research and engineering companies with the aim of Development of technology and entrepreneurship.